Address: Shenzhen, China
Time: 18-Jan-2017
Currently, SONIROCK INC. officially finished its Angel round equity funding.
Leading by Hexing Yongsheng (Shenzhen) Investment Group, followed by Dr. Yonghua Chen, SOSV invested their pro rata, which invested the seed round.
Now company valuation is $ 8 million.
This is a solid foundation for marketing, R&D as well as product delivery in the coming year!

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Seung Yong Yang · 2017年7月28日 at pm1:14

I am interested in this product. I want to stream live. I want to know the recordable time. I want to know the time that I can record without interruption, not the capacity of the battery. I would like to know if there are any errors due to high temperature etc. I want to shoot at least two hours. Please let me know the result of the actual test.

    sonicam · 2017年7月29日 at pm2:20

    Hi, Seung Yong, thanks for your comment. Because of the in-camera real-time stitching function, SONICAM is good at live streaming. The battery is 12V 6000mah which can be used for 3 hours working.
    Besides, We are using the full metal body to help cool down the device. Also inside the camera there is silicon grease to conduct the heat from PCB to the metal body.
    The temperature increase of the device will be controled within 15℃ than the envoiroment temperature. So for example, now outside it’s 25℃, the device will be no heater than 40℃.
    Hope I answered your question.
    If you have more question regarding our product, pls feel free to drop us a mail:

    Thanks & Best Regards.

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