Amsterdam is Calling, SONICAM Leads off in Europe

SONICAM team arrived Amsterdam, Netherlands with SONICAM Argus and Apollo for the 50th IBC. It’s the first time for SONICAM to explore Europe with people’s expectation of the new tech in VR revolution.


SONICAM captures 4K 360-degree videos & 3D sound. To achieve that, the cam is equipped with 9 cameras and 64 HQ microphones. The quality is impressive and the software, even more. SONICAM does in-camera real-time stitching and allows live streaming.

SONICAM stood in Hall 9 —- Launch Pad area, but attracted more attention than the small space, professional photographers and VR hobbyists gave SONICAM their expectation. More than that, Facebook, Sony, Huawei, etc. famous corporations as well as competitors such as Nokia OZO and Orah also visited SONICAM’s booth.



More reports from Europe:

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