• How long does it take for Sonicam to ship?

    After booking, the device will be sent around end of October

  • Does Sonicam come with anything else (carrying case, tripod, etc.)?

    128G TF card, charger, protective bag, user manual, certificate, warranty, tripod, handle grip

  • What is the camera made of?

    Sonicam is made of aluminum alloy, full metal housing body.

  • Does the camera have blind spots?

    It covers the full 360 degrees sphere, while there is no more than 600px round under the camera, where the tripod stands will be blind spots.

  • What is the minimum focus distance?

    1.5m (for best stitching, image distortion optimize purpose)

  • Does the camera record 3D audio?

    Yes, we use Beam Forming Technology, HRTF, together with Ambisonic Sound Recording and Environment Model to restore an ultimate 3D immersive audio experience.

  • What is the maximum distance(WIFI range) to operate Sonicam from a mobile device?

    It depends on the circumstances, but as the normal WIFI range, the distance would be 10m.

  • Where is the video stored?

    1, Together with the device, we will also ship you a 128GB TF card, the video will be stored in the TF card. 2, Mobile SSD.

  • How long does Sonicam's battery last?

    Sonicam comes with 12V 6000mah battery, about 3 hours working time

  • Can the battery be replaced?

    The battery is rechargeable and non-detachable.

  • What devices is the Sonicam compatible with?

    ANS: Sonicam is compatible with all the mainstream VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift, HTC vive, PlayStation VR and other brands.

  • Do I need any particular software to use Sonicam?

    Yes, we have a mobile app for remote control.

  • What shall I do to connect my device to the Sonicam?

    1, If you only need to remote control the device for shooting, no internet required. Our device can be used as an access point, you can connect it with your phone.

    2, For live-streaming you need to get both devices connect to the same internet.

  • How is Sonicam able to record 360-degree video and sound at the same time?

    We are using FPGA solution, which can process massive data calculation, Sonicam is an all-in-one device.

  • Can Sonicam do live streaming of 3D 360 video?

    Yes. We can do living streaming of 3D 360 video with max 4K resolution.

  • How quickly can I watch my 360 video after I shot it?

    In Sonicam the in-camera real-time stitching function is available. No more editing or post-production needed, you can watch the video just after you shot.

  • Can I use Sonicam upside down?

    Yes, it can be used upside down, like hanging in the ceiling. There is a standardized hole(1/4 inch) in the device for a tripod or other hanging stabilizers. Our monopod/handle connection port is (3/8 inch).

  • Can I turn off the audio recording while capturing video? Vice versa.

    Yes. You can set it in the app.

  • How to change exposure and white balance in Sonicam?

    Sonicam supports auto and manual adjustment of exposure and white balance. You can change them on your phone.

  • How to make live streaming with Sonicam?

    SONICAM supports H.265/H.264 encoding for RTMP and RTSP live streaming broadcast. You can set up in our app and do the live streaming in YouTube.

  • How to export spherical panoramic images/videos?

    In-camera real-time stitching function is available in Sonicam. You only need to press the button in the top, panoramic images/videos could be stitched automatically.

  • If my device disconnects from the Sonicam, what happens to the files I was capturing?

    It will continue shooting until the battery uses up. Or you can press the pause button on the device to stop shooting.

  • What happens if Sonicam runs out of battery while capturing photo or video?

    Sonicam will alert you when battery lower to 10%, if you don’t do any operation, it will automatically store the file and turn off.

  • Why does Sonicam get hot when charging or being in use for a while?

    You don’t need to worry about the heating, it’s normal and we’ve avoided the overheating with our structure design. If it is overheated, there will be red lights alarm to notice you, and you need to stop and let it calm down for a while.

  • Can I auto-sync my captured content in a cloud storage service (i.e. Dropbox or Google Drive)?

    No, it can’t be auto-synced, but after you shot, you can share upload to a cloud storage service.

  • How do I transfer content/files from the Sonicam to my computer?

    You can also store the content/files in TF card, and transfer them after shooting.

  • Is there a risk of overcharging if I leave the camera plugged in for the night?

    Sonicam has smart charging IC to avoid overcharging, it will be stoped charging when fully charged.

  • What is the warranty?

    1 year warranty. You can return the defective device to us to repair or replace a new one within the warranty time.

  • If I lose my charger, how can I replace it?

    Our charger is 4A 15V. Charger is customized, to better protect the device, we suggest you order directly from us.

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